View Full Version : Atta Boy and some fragmentation questions

john love
09-01-2008, 09:51 AM
After some 6 years of using SD to clone my internal and external drives, I finally had a need to restore and it worked flawlessly .. as if you folk didn't know that already.

My "need" was based on my brand-new iMac G5 having severe fragmentation as reported by TechTool Pro .. anyway, erased and resored from my 2 clones .. but TechTool Pro still reports moderate fragmentation.

How could there be disk fragmentaion on a brand new drive?

How could there be file fragmentation when I only have 60 gig on a 500 gig drive?

Maybe the answer is that I am using TechTool Pro that others have discovered reports invalid data.

Sure would appreciate some insight here.

John Love

09-01-2008, 09:59 AM
Well... an erase-then-copy is going to defragment all the files on the drive, but it won't defragment the "directory", or put it in what might be considered an "optimal" order for the tool (since that's kind of semi-arbitrary).

It may be that TTP is wrong, of course. It may be that it's referring to the above.

Personally, I've found Coriolis Systems' iDefrag and iPartition to be very reliable and effective (although I very rarely defragment)...