View Full Version : Backing up defragged volume

08-15-2008, 02:34 PM
On your recommendation, I purchased iDefrag. I like it. I've just defragged my main drive. If I now do an Erase Then Copy of the defragged drive to my backup drive, will the backup drive's files also be defragged or do I have to do that using iDefrag?

08-15-2008, 04:53 PM
Yes, the backup will also be defragged.

08-15-2008, 06:03 PM
Thanks. That will be a huge savings in time. iDefrag is SLOW!

08-15-2008, 06:05 PM
Yes, rearranging all those bits of files is inherently slow. No need to do it too much, you know -- this isn't Windows...