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07-29-2008, 11:00 PM
Ok, here goes. I'm a former PC guy, Mac convert, who is also in charge of maintaining the Macs throughout our office:

1. Looking to upgrade the HD in a MacBook Pro which is running Leopard. I've swapped out HDs before, installed Leopard, etc. But how can I use SD to port over ALL the data/ settings from the old HD to the new one?

2. One laptop won't upgrade to Tiger, not sure why. I'd like to replicate that HD on another laptop that has Leopard installed. Can SD help me do this?

3. I'm using Time Machine/ Capsule at home. I was thinking if I was to break or lose my laptop, that it should be easy to "somehow" hook another laptop to my Time Capsule and make the new laptop work/ look like my old one. Is this not really the case? How can SD enhance the Time Machine/ Capsule?

Thanks everyone


07-30-2008, 12:05 AM
1. Well, if you make a full backup of the original drive, when Leopard promtps to "copy from another Mac", you can point it at the backup and it'll bring in all the data. Or, you can restore, of course.

2. Replicate on another Leopard laptop? Not sure what you want to do here.

3. That would really be something that you'd have to do with Time Machine.