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07-06-2008, 11:49 AM
I inserted myself into previous thread re. Sandbox and I'm still not sure when to run on Sandbox and when to not to, Dave.

If I understand you correctly I should only run Sandbox when I'm doind something which appears "risky."

This brings to mind a couple of scenarios:

* Suppose I'm on my iMac HD and I get notification that there's an update to my MacOS. Do I tell it to install later and quickly switch to Sandbox?

* Suppose there an update to my VMWare?

I can see that I would store other updates in my newly created "New Applications Folder" on my desktop as your manual suggests. But what about those 2?

* And, I mentioned that VMWare came back to me (after I created Sandbox) and asked me if I had "copied" or "moved" VMware (I chose "copy") and then my Windows Quicken did seem to run o.k. Then when I went back to running from the iMac HD, VMware again asked me if I had "copied" or "moved" the program. Again, I made the same choice. I just found it curious. Any comments on that?

Many thanks as always,

07-06-2008, 12:54 PM
The deal is pretty simple: if you feel that the update is 'risky' (that's something only you can determine), update your Sandbox and install it there.

For things like OS updates, in general it's a good idea -- if you don't desperately need something in the update -- to wait a day or two and keep an eye on the kinds of problems people are having. But, if you want to jump on it, update your Sandbox and install it there.

VMWare is different: it's pretty easy to 'roll back' a VMWare update, so you don't have to install that on a Sandbox.

As far as VMWare's prompt, can't really answer. It's detecting the different startup drive, probably.