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07-02-2008, 10:30 PM
I sent the following to Dave Nanian, but it's better here:
sorry if long.....
Maybe this should be intuitive, but.......

What I've done is tried to create a Disk Image (using Disk Utility) which Appears on the Desktop and shows up with a label with the same sizes as shown as my original "Macintosh HD" I gave it the name Mac HD 2 July '08

I'm trying to do what is suggested for making a backup..... making an image copy of my volume Mac HD which is the
only volume (single partition) on the drive "Macintosh HD" and is 57.26 GB.

I'm doing this so as to, then, transfer it (the image copy) to my wife's laptop via Target Disk mode, which has an 80 GB
hard drive, only on partition, and with a paltry 6 GB written data.

My single partition volume "Mac HD" is contained on a 60GB hard drive, on which there are 46.34 GB free space,
i.e., my Mac HD volume contains only about 11 GB of written data

Do I need to have the (another) 57.26 (or more) GB available on the hard drive in order to make a clone of the "Mac HD" ? even if I have used only
11 GB of the volume "Mac HD."

Seems as if this would be the case, and apart from having an external drive dedicated to housing a backup clone, I guess there's no way around the fact that I can't create a clone (disk image) of my 57.26 GB volume on the 60 GB hard drive.

*Unless*, that is, SuperDuper, being used in the transfer of (all) files on my Mac HD, *can* transfer all the files while ignoring the fact that the entire original disk structure/format doesn't need to have been set up. (Not certain if I'm making this clear....but if the disk image has to have all the original formatting.... and sets aside the same amount of unused space.... into which all the files are dumped..... then it stands to reason a 60 GB drive isn't going to allow this if it already uses up 57.2 GB as the lone volume on the drive.

NB: I DID try to make the image, and a Get Info of the image says it
has Capacity of 57.26 GB, Available 24.99 GB and use (on disk) 32.27 GB,
but..... transferred only about one tenth of the number of files listed
on the SuperDuper record before slowing to a stop after 1.5 hrs.

Hard to know what of the remaining (untransferred) files are critical,
since the Users file seems to contain a lot of data files, in correct sequence
and content.



07-02-2008, 11:29 PM
I've replied to this in email, Sheafe.

07-03-2008, 06:08 PM
I've replied to this in email, Sheafe.

Yes, Dave.
And for others who may have slogged through my message, your advice
was to NOT clone to a drive already in use.....

So, I've ordered a separate hard drive, which I'll employ externally as an
addtional backup, connecting through Firewire.