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06-26-2008, 01:50 PM
Can somebody please tell me how to restore my hard drive?

COMPUTER: PowerBook G4
OS: Tiger 10.4.11

I used Super Duper to back everything up on my computer to an external drive (w/Smart Update, I'm pretty sure), then sent my computer off to Apple for some repairs (replace logic board & lower case).

Sure enough, when I got it back, Apple ("AppleCare", actually - ha, ha) had unnecessarily reformatted my hard drive, and everything is gone. My files/folders, apps (including SuperDuper), desktop, updates, settings - everything.

SO - now what do I do, to get my hard drive back to exactly how it was when it left my hands?

I've spent > an hour reading through these Discussions and the FAQ, but I don't see anything definitive or laid out on what to do. I searched the FAQ for "restor", "restore", "restoring", "super" and "duper" in the FAQ Search Word field, and only one entry comes up: something relating to "...if you think that the thread is superb."

I've looked through the User's Guide, and I see something about booting from the backup drive, but (a) I don't know how, (b) I don't want to TOUCH that backup drive and get them platters spinning (and risk it crashing) until I'm at the stage where my computer is being restored from it.
In the User's Guide, I see plenty of how-to on making backups, but NO step-by-step on how to restore from those backups.

Reading the User's Guide, more questions arise:

* I don't know if I've stored to a bootable backup. I'm not even sure just what that means.

* I don't know what "sparse image" is, so I don't know if I'm restoring from that or not.

* Can I get my PowerBook hard drive back to exactly as it was at the moment I had made backup to external drive? As in exactly the same.
If not exactly, what will the differences be? Will some apps need me to re-enter the registration codes? Will Users need to be re-setup? Will any files or folders not be replaced? Will any apps not be re-installed? Will there be any other difference(s)?!?!
Reading about Sandbox, I'm reminded (from last time I tried to understand that), that I don't know how Sandbox is any different than SuperDuper!
The User's Guide says about Sandbox:
"You can safely install any system updates, drivers or programs in the Sandbox, without worrying about what might happen to your system. If anything goes wrong, you can simply start up from the original system. SuperDuper has preserved it in its original, pre-disaster state – but all your new and changed personal documents are totally up to date. Within minutes, you’re up and running again – without having to go through a difficult and time-consuming restore process."
B-b-but, isn't that what SuperDuper! is for? Isn't that what I'm about to do with my SuperDuper!-made backup of my computer?
Reading that Sandbox excerpt makes me think that I'm about to NOT get my computer in its "original, pre-disaster state" w/"system updates, drivers or programs", because I don't think I did anything related to Sandbox!!

I don't get it.

So, if there is anyone that knows how to get my hard drive back to exactly how it was when it left my hands, I'd appreciate it!


06-26-2008, 03:44 PM
Please see my replies to your emailed questions, Ted.

Anne R
08-20-2008, 01:14 AM
For those of you, who like me, are not technically minded, I just had the same problem & I also spent a long time trying to understand the User's Guide. I booted up from the backup (ie by holding down the Option key) & started the computer w external hard drive plugged in. I clicked on the external HD & expected to get dialogues on how to proceed but got nothing. I had no idea what to do next and no directions to tell me what to do. After a long process of doing the restore incorrectly, wasting a whole day and having to reinstall my operating system, I finally called AppleCare and got clear directions. The User's Guide says "Hold down the Option key when you start, select the FireWire drive" (your external hard drive) and use SuperDuper!". Here's what's missing in the Restoring from a bootable backup: After you select your external hard drive containing your bootable backup > go to Finder > Applications > double click the SuperDuper application > that will bring up a dialogue box with your options > Copy from (select your ex HD) to (select your computer's HD) then Restore All Files and then ok or Transfer". (Dave please correct me if I did not use the correct terminology here.) I just went through this process this evening and hope when I return to the office tomorrow morning that it will all be complete. I've heard great things about SuperDuper and if it really does restore my HD with all my settings I will continue to use it and recommend to everyone but please make the directions a clear 1) 2) 3) for those of us used to following Apple product's clear directions.

Anyone got any tips for me as to what I should expect/check after my restore?

08-20-2008, 02:55 AM
...Anyone got any tips for me as to what I should expect/check after my restore?

having just done this too, you've described the process pretty well.

basically IF you have done full back ups and/or smart back ups...

restoring from a disaster is the same process reversed, AFTER u boot from the backup drive.

don't use leopard's disc utility (it is slow and hangs for me)

don't use the start up mac disc (recovery disc) that came with the machine.

just start up from the connected external drive (where your clone is) and...

OPEN s/d! and run through the options just like making the original cloned image.

only the source and destinations change, since the external drive is NOW the source and the internal 'puter drive is the destination.

here is the thread where dave just helped me with the process...


i agree ted' the user's guide isn't totally clear on this process, it is covered in 2 pages or so.

i think we are OVER analyzing the process or trying to make it harder than necessary...


now that i've done the deed and everything worked so smoothly, i GET how easy it is...

it's a good idea to boot up from a cloned external drive copy occasionally...

just to confirm it's all there and to review how a disaster recover is done...


08-20-2008, 07:37 AM
You really are making this too hard. If you've backed up, restoration uses the exact same steps. It's just that the backup is the source and the drive you want to restore to is the destination. The other steps, in the User's Guide's early chapters, are exactly the same -- it's only the drive selections that are different (and, of course, you need to start up from the backup).

Anne R
08-20-2008, 01:17 PM
Hi Joe & Dave, thank you, ok I've got it now. My problems originally stemmed from not understanding 2 criteria:
1) To boot up from the backup you have to hold down the Option key.
2) That one has to go into SuperDuper! to start the process (I guess I just thought it was intuitive).
Now I've done it, I can see it's easy.