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06-19-2008, 01:17 AM
Here is the deal. I bought a brand new hard drive for my MacBook Pro. I am replacing a 120 GB drive with a 250 GB drive. Both are 5400 rpm. Both are same manufacturer.

I bought a wire drive which came with the Super Duper software. I did the upgrade software version yesterday of Super Duper.

One last thing. I have Boot Camp installed and using 40 GB of space from the original hard drive.

I used the Mac Disk Utility to partition the new drive. I used 180 GB of space. I did it using the Apple format for Intel GUID I think it was called.

Once I had the new partition, I used Super Duper to do a full sandbox of all files. It made it bootable and one other thing at the end of the backup.

I wanted to see if the Mac partition and everything booted properly and all of the files were there.

So, I removed the old hard drive. I installed the new drive with the 180 GB partition for Mac. The first thing I noticed was the gray screen while booting stayed on for about a minute. My computer normally cold boots in 20 seconds.

Then, finally I saw the startup icon of a drive or whatever it was. About two minutes in the new drive was working. I thought it was really weird about the time to startup.

I then tested the computer. Processes were much slower. I tried installing a piece of software from the CD drive, and it was slow. So, I tried installing the same software from a download and it was slow.

It appears my computer is writing files and etc really slow. It this a hard drive problem? Also, it continues to boot very slowly. Did I miss something? I noticed the original hard drive says Apple HDD Firmware. Is there something I didn't do to the disk? Is there any reason the Windows partition on the old drive has some influence in the boot time since it's not on the new disk?

Please remember the only reason I am doing this is to get a new bigger hard drive in my computer. I am not using the software for backup continuously or anything. I just want a new 250 GB hard drive to replace the original 120 GB hard drive. It is a 15" MacBook Pro which costs $2500 new. Mine is one year old.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

06-19-2008, 08:33 AM
OK. First, this doesn't sound like a Sandbox. It sounds like a full "Backup - all files", or should be.

The first boot (and some of the subsequent running) will be slower because you're rebuilding your 'hot files' caches, and then spotlight's going to be indexing for a while. Give it some time to finish, and things should be fast again -- assuming the drive is not damaged.