View Full Version : Time Machine Observations - Upgrade HD (transfer TM data)

05-09-2008, 12:39 PM
I decided to upgrade my Time Machine hard drive from 500GB to 1TB. After playing round and realizing it wasn't a simple copy, I checked and found SD does it. Awesome! :cool:

I stopped TM running, and proceeded as per the FAQ (http://www.shirt-pocket.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3565) to copy my TM files. Only problem is, and this is purely the fault of the hardware ... 500GB is going to take about 24hrs to backup/transfer over FW/USB2.0 :eek:

Ohh well, hopefully I won't have to do this again for a while. Next time I might see about using eSATA :)

p.s. I'm guessing after it's finished, it's a simple matter of renaming the drive to my original TM drive name, and setting TM to point to the new drive? :confused:

Thanks :)

05-09-2008, 12:44 PM
Yep, that's all there is to it. (There's a lot of data -- files and file references -- to copy, which can indeed take a little while...)

05-10-2008, 12:16 PM
Is it really necessary to rename the new Time Machine drive to the same as the previous drive? I really don't want to do that.

05-10-2008, 12:50 PM
It shouldn't be necessary, no.