View Full Version : External HD Disk Partitioning: When? How?

05-06-2008, 09:23 AM
Hi there!
I've read some posts, but am not sure about the following (new to backing up and cloning):

- If I have a WD external 1 TB drive, and I have a 250 GB iMac that I want to back up with SuperDuper (no Time Machine)... in order to be able to use the remaining 750 GB of the WD external 1 TB drive for whatever else I want (another machine's mp3's, etc.), I need to partition (with Mac OS X "Disk Utility") the WD external 1 TB drive into two partitions. Say, one of 300 GB (called "iMac Backup") and the other of 700 GB (called "General Backup"). And then tell SuperDuper to use the 300 GB partition ("iMac Backup") as the "Destination."

Does that sound correct? That way I have, kind of like, two drives on the WD external 1 TB drive... if I partition it into two partitions?

Thank you in advance for the help... looking forward to using this as part of a backup strategy!

05-06-2008, 10:02 AM
Correct, and you should partition using the right scheme for your Mac. Use "GUID" for an Intel Mac, and "Apple Partition Map" for Power PC. (See the "Options" button in the Partition tab, and various instructions here on the forum.)