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05-02-2008, 11:39 PM
Sorry if I'm asking tons of questions, but I'm fascinated with this software...truly the best backup software I have ever used on the mac platform. Anyways, my questions are as follows...

1) For someone who rarely ever changes system files and only uses his G5 as a production machine (video/audio editing), is it really necessary to create a sandbox? I'm rarely updating software or "toying" around with my system. I really just want clones of my drives - just the backup is sufficient (and is bootable) for this, correct?

2) I'm working on a PowerPC (G5)...If one day I decide to get an intel-based machine and want to clone my system directly to that...will I be able to do that okay? I know the intel based systems use GUID and the PowerPC's use APM partition formats. This isn't an issue right now, but I'm just curious as to how I'd go about doing this in the future, and how I would do so using SuperDuper? I've read several things on this using the migration assistant but I'm still a little confused as to if I can go from one system to another without losing applications and things.

3) I only want my backup drive to be mounted and running when it runs a backup. What is the best way to schedule this as? And if it automatically unmounts, when I start SuperDuper! up, how can I remount it so that SuperDuper! recognizes the drive as being there if I want to manually run a backup?

Thanks for all the help. It's truly great knowing that I purchased a product that has great support behind it.


05-02-2008, 11:43 PM
1. Not if you're not the kind of person who jumps on every update that comes down the pike, no.

2. No, you can't really copy Power PC to Intel directly. You'd migrate, during the first startup of the new Mac, from either the original Mac or a full SD! backup of it.

3. Just schedule it and then eject the drive. To remount when ejected, you can go into Disk Utility, select the volume and click the "Mount" toolbar button.