View Full Version : Can I use SuperDuper to back up my OS and use that to start another computer?

05-27-2005, 01:24 AM
What I'm asking here is, I have to return my new MacG5 as it's defective and Apple is going to send me a replacement. Like everyone else, I've got tons of stuff on my main drive and what I wanted to know is, can I do some sort of back up to my spare drive, put that drive in my new computer and have it boot up OK? Or, at the very least, can I back up my drive/applications to my spare drive and use it to restore them to the new drive? If you could walk me through a couple of senarios or point me in the right direction I really appreciate it. I'm a composer and I've lost some songs before so I'm super cautious about doing backups and restores now. Thanks, John

05-27-2005, 10:34 AM
Yes, you can use a drive to boot another computer as long as that computer was released *before* the OS version that's on the other computer. Should work fine: just do a full backup ("Backup - all files"), name it the same as the internal drive, boot from it, check it CAREFULLY, and all should be well.

(You name it the same as the internal to ensure that aliases resolve to the proper (boot) disk. That way the OS won't accidentally launch programs, etc, from the non-boot volume.)