View Full Version : Getting the copy results in a script

05-25-2005, 10:58 PM
Hi, all.

I want to build a nightly backup script that mounts my firewire drive, does a sync, and then dismounts the drive. Finally, I want it to tell me how much work it did, or report any errors.

From other forum posts, I see how to do everything but report the status of the sync.

At the end of the log, one sees

|05:50:30 PM|Info| Scanned 972350 items occupying 67.44 GB (133183 directories, 832366 files, 6801 symlinks)
|05:50:30 PM|Info| Copied 972241 items totaling 67.37 GB (133162 directories, 832282 files, 6797 symlinks)
|05:50:30 PM|Info| Cloned 67.37 GB of data in 3854 seconds at an effective transfer rate of 17.90 MB/s

Anyone know a clever way to get that data into an email? My current plan is some ick involving grep, cut, and tail on the log file, but that is not elegant.


05-25-2005, 11:50 PM
Your unelegant solution would be exactly what I would suggest, unless you want to do it in AppleScript. Given that you know what grep, cut and tail are, that seems unlikely... ;)