View Full Version : safety clone and utilities folder

05-20-2005, 03:01 AM
It appears that the Utilities folder on a safety clone is NOT a symbolic link. So, a $Misc Utilities folder I have inside the Utilities folder (to keep utilities I have installed myself) would then NOT be a shared folder, correct?

Do you recommend installation of ALL software (including "drag and drop" apps as well as installer-installed apps and system stuff) be first tried on the safety clone?

05-20-2005, 08:06 AM
The default script will copy the entire contents of /Applications/Utilities, including all subfolders, yes.

No, I don't think all software needs to be tried on the Safety Clone... only things that you're concerned about. But, as I run on a Safety Clone all the time, I usually *do* try everything on the clone first. Not strictly necessary, though.