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03-27-2008, 12:20 PM
Hello there,

I have a problem which I hope someone can help with. The details are outline below but it relates to restoring via Apple's Disk Utility.

Yesterday I tried to install the PhotoKit Sharpener plug-in from for Photoshop CS3 which caused problems and meant that I had to download the eSellerate engine installer. From that point when I try to launch any CS3 application I get the joyous error message:-

"Licensing for this product has stopped working. You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help."[/I]

Photoshop thus gives up and dies along with every other CS3 application as I've discovered.

Having run Disk Utility, this shows up a whole host of problems with permissions for plug-ins, not just PS ones.

OK, no problem I thought, I have Superduper so I can just roll back a day and restore from my last back-up done on Tuesday morning. I used my OS X install disk, launched Disk Utility, selected my 'back disk' on my external hard as source and Mac HD as destination as described in the user manual. I clicked restore thinking my problems would solved but got the following message: 'Restore Failure - could not validate sizes - Operation not permitted'

For your information the Back-up contained

Folders - 158,645
Used - 54.4 Gb
No of files - 724,716

The Hard Drive

Folders - 159,152
Used - 55.90 Gb
No of files - 727,040

After much screaming, shouting, kicking the cat and a smoking more cigarettes than normal and I am at my wits end as what to do. The cats' gone into hiding and I've run out of cigarettes! Joking apart can you please advise what I can do. I believe that my best course of action is to roll back, that get rid of the plug-in, the new eSellerate engine and sorts out the problem with the CS3 serial.
I could just drag the 'Library" folder from the Back-up into my Hard Drive which may sort out the problem but I'm not keen on that. Having now lost many hours of work time, I don't really want to reinstall CS3, plug-ins and redo all my actions and settings.

I'm using the following hardware and software:

PowerBook G4 under OS X 1.5.2
Western Digital 500 Gb external H/D, attached with Firewire 800. The back-up partition is Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Any help will be gratefully received, even if it just shows that I don't know what I'm doing.

It's OK I didn't kick the cat, he's far too quick.



03-27-2008, 12:54 PM
See my reply to your (already emailed) support request, DD.