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03-25-2008, 06:53 PM
I'm new to the Mac community, but I've been doing PC backups for lots of years with many different back up programs. I currently use Acronis True Image and I love it. Along comes my new Macbook purchase and with it, Time Machine. Different, but at least the first time I used it, it seemed to do a decent job backing up a smallish GB file set. I didn't think I'd need anything else...

Well, turns out my 120GB hard drive was too small for all the music files I was putting on my Macbook, so I decided to install a 320GB hard drive instead. I already had my Time Machine backup, but decided to use the free version of SuperDuper to give me additional backup coverage. I loved that it did my backup fairly fast, but I was particularly pleased that I also got a bootable image as well...

I installed the new hard drive and used SuperDuper to put my image back on it.

Now it gets interesting. I put lots of music on my Mac and ended up with 51 GBs on the hard drive. I started Time machine one evening at 10 PM and at 9 AM the next morning, it was still trying to back up that 51 GBs!!! I wanted to use the machine, so I canceled the backup and went about my business. In the afternoon, I started SuperDuper and it backed up that 51 GBs in 1 hour and 26 minutes!!! Fantastic!! So I immediately coughed up my $27.95 and registered my copy of SuperDuper, and now Time Machine is history...

Thanks Shirt Pocket for a great product!!


03-28-2008, 03:28 PM
noels -

As a long time Windows user (15+ years), I fully agree with your comments about SuperDuper. I never had anything this good when I had a PC. That's history now. I have moved everything over to my new 24" iMac. For those few programs that I must have that only run on Windows I use Fusion under OSX. Works perfectly. When I do a SuperDuper bootable backup I can take the external hard drive with the bootable back over to my wife's Mac-mini and boot from it. Everything, even my Fusion/Windows, shows up on my wife's machine. This is really good stuff.

Now . . . I am surprised that you cut TimeMachine off completely. It serves a useful purpose. Sooner or later you will need to recover some earlier version of a file or some deleted file. TimeMachine performs miracles in that case. It has saved me twice. You might try going to MacRumors and inquiring if someone there can suggest a solution for your slow backup with TimeMachine. The times you quote are unreasonable.

I now have SuperDuper and TimeMachine running and plan to keep this arrangement. In fact, I am alternatively backing up to two different external drives with SuperDuper. For the first time in my computing experience I feel secure. :)