View Full Version : cloning a safety clone

05-18-2005, 11:58 AM
If I clone a safety clone (for backup purposes), am I also copying the shared stuff, because of the symbolic links?

When I want to backup (for backup, not cloning purposes) with a system that has a safety clone, should I be backing up from the "main" drive/partitition, or from the safety clone as the source?

I'm sorry to be posing all these questions....SD! is a very powerful program, it seems, that works great magic "under the hood". But, it is also more than a bit of a black box (not a criticism, just an observation), even to those of us rather savvy about OS X but who are NOT at all savvy about the Unix underpinnings of the OS. Knowing more about what it does is helpful, I suspect, to getting the most out of the software (not to mention avoiding disasters by making bad assumptions!)

05-18-2005, 12:27 PM
No. Symbolic links are copied as links (as they are when you do any copy operation with SuperDuper!).

When you want to back up, you should always back up the original drive. The Safety Clone is not a backup, and there's nothing there that isn't re-createable... but your real data is on the original drive.