View Full Version : Setting up a Sandbox on Leopard (for a shareware junkie)

03-08-2008, 05:15 PM
Once again, my system is getting gummed up by all the various shareware proggies I compulsively install, which happens about every nine months—somebody stop me, PLEASE! I need help :). So I'm thinking of starting over this time with a sandbox so I can reset things when my machine goes wonky, but I'm a little uncertain about the mechanics. My questions:

1. How big should the partitions be (i.e. should the Sandbox be larger, or should Mac HD have room for expansion)? My client work is kept in Documents, so that dir gets to be 20+ GB. While booted from the Sandbox, will my Home directory be stored on Mac HD (and symlinked to the Sandbox) or on the Sandbox volume itself?

2. How does Time Machine backup info when booted from the Sandbox? Does it copy info from MacHD via symlinks? Is the Time Machine backup a perfectly "normal" backup (i.e. would it look the same as a non-Sandbox setup using the same data and applications)?

3. After setting up the Sandbox, do I need to re-run SD! to maintain anything (not talking about backups, just the smooth running of the Sandbox)?

I really want to use this feature of SD!, it's been on my mind for some time. Seems like the perfect solution for my nasty shareware habits.

Great app, keep up the good work. I'm happy to spend money on great mac apps. :)

03-09-2008, 03:47 AM
I'm not sure that SD! is going to help with compulsive installing, actually: you'll want to update your main drive sometimes, and that'll end up bringing your Sandboxed applications over...

But, anyway, the size of the Sandbox can be determined by using a "too big" volume first. Create a Sandbox on it, and check its size. Then, add about 20% or so for regular use, more if you're going to install a lot. And there you go -- that' sthe size you need.

You should always continue to back up your main drive.

Time Machine should still be backing up your main volume and the Sandbox volume (if desired).