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02-21-2008, 08:28 PM

I upgraded to Tiger a few days ago but I'm having some problems. I still have to try out some things so I'm not coming for that!
Before upgrading I did a full bootable back up on an external FWdrive (LaCie) and it worked perfectly well. Thank you SD!
Now, I want to ask this:
in case I have to revert to Panther from the Back up, I want to back up whatever I've done while on Tiger. I would like to back up my pictures for exemple or some documents or Open Office software, on other partitions of my ext.FWdrive (i prepared 4 partitions). How to do that ?
Then, I want to know : in case I downgrade, can I drag files from the Tiger backed files to the Panther restored system ?
Would it be better to work in the backed up of my system directly ? Is it possible ? I didn't see anything about that. I understand it is possible with a sandbox but is it possible with the bootable clone ?

Also: can I back up some of the users files from my back up sytem on the FWdrive to another partition of the drive (for exemple pictures, documents etc.) ?

Thank you in advance. The questions will come up as I use you SD!

02-21-2008, 10:59 PM
You'll need another volume or drive to copy that to... and yes, you can drag things back, but you'll really have to copy the files back by hand if you're just restoring a few like that.