View Full Version : SD 2.5 Bug report: timezones (and a few others)

02-16-2008, 08:45 PM
First of all, thanks for a great application, I'm a very satisfied customer.

Having said that, here's a few issues that I've noticed having done my first incremental backup with SD 2.5, and subsequently booted from the clone. (Running Leopard 10.5.1)

First thing was that the "time taken" report in the SD window was incorrect. It claimed that the backup took "2:08". The log file said that the backup took 4131 seconds, i.e. 1:08, which tallies with my impression. Obviously not a big problem, but should be easy to fix.

After this, I booted up from the clone and noticed a few odd time related issues. I saw this first in iCal, where all my appointments were in GMT and the timezone field was blank. (I'm in New Zealand, so am 12 hours ahead of GMT). Trying to select a different timezone made no difference. I then opened System Preferences to change the timezone there. This is behaving very oddly, will let me change my city to Wellington, New Zealand, but won't actually update the time correctly after I've done that. The preference window is also not correctly updating the "time zone" field when you click on the map - e.g. I click on Switzerland and the timezone changes to "CET" (correct), I then click on London and the timezone stays as CET instead of becoming GMT. I then click on New Zealand, the timezone is still CET.

I also have four world clock widgets in the dashboard. Los Angeles is working correctly, but the clocks for New York, London and Wellington are all stuck on midnight.

Also in the dashboard, the widget iStat Pro quits as soon as you first open it.

Anyone else seeing things like this? It is of course slightly concerning when a few odd bits of behaviour can immediately be seen when booting from a backup...


02-16-2008, 10:02 PM
The elapsed time thing is definitely known for GMT+12, but the others are not anything I've heard of before (and they're not related, as far as I'm aware).