View Full Version : SD and the Macbook AIR

02-15-2008, 01:56 AM
I have been setting up my MB AIR for the last two days and am wondering if/how I can use SD to backup AIR to an External USB drive, and more important how I would restore from it to the AIR?

Anyone have any ideas?


Edit: Since posting the above I connected a USB external drive to the AIR, and used Disk utility from the AIR's own hard drive to clone the hard drive ok. After cloning I was able to boot from the external ok, so I can see no problem restoring from the external after all..?

I'll try Superduper next. Hopefully I can loan my iMac key once to check that Smart copy works ok..

Superduper Smart Copy worked perfectly, taking around 13 minutes to a WD USB external. Now I'm just waiting for a WD Passport to arrive so I have the portability :)