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02-11-2008, 11:55 AM
An old posting to this forum, “Segmented dmg files - can it be done?”, seems to imply that the only type of disk image supported by SD is the “Sparse Image” variation.

Is this the kind SD makes by default when the “make image” option is selected? Does it do this automatically, or must an image be created, mounted, and targeted, before a disk image can be made?

Further, since I’m timid about using command line (a lousy typist), can’t a regular .dmg file be created instead, and then, mounted, and targeted, and afterward be segmented with MacPar Deluxe, in preperation for burning to DVD?

In another article, SparseImage lock-in?, dnanian says:
“If you'd like, you can create a read/write DMG using Disk Utility and point SD! at that mounted image. We're more than happy to copy to it….” That would be the preferable option here, circumventing the need to get into command line stuff for now. In this case, couldn’t the basic sandbox procedure be used?

For the time being, I’m on an old Sawtooth, with tiny 30MB to 60GB hard drives, so space is at a premium.

Soon as the issues with the new Mac Pro are ironed out, and now that the 8800GT card is finally available, along with the 10.5.2 update, I’ll be taking the plunge. Then I’ll be registering SD and taking advantage of it’s other more advanced bacup features. Be pesterin’ you further then.

02-11-2008, 12:08 PM
You can definitely create a read/write DMG and then point us to its volume, then segment it. But in general I really recommend backing up to an external hard drive and not burn onto DVDs. It's faster, more reliable, and pretty cheap.

02-11-2008, 02:15 PM
Great News! That’s a relief.

Thank you, Dave. You’re a prince of a fellow — always have been. Though you knew full well that I was an unregistered user, you’ve always responded through Support e-mailings, to my frantic postings. What a guy!

Didn’t even know what a sparse image was till coming to this group to find out how to archive my working Panther startup volume before upgrading to Tiger. That’s right, not Leopard, but Tiger! Most here probably don’t even realize that while a tiger can fit inside this sawtooth, there’s not room enough for a leopard — makes no sense. Where’s Woz?

Back to the topic — searching and reading posts in MacNN and MacRumors, and elsewhere, leave one with the distinct impression that SparseImages are relatively unreliable, problematic. What one needs in such a critical backup as that of a reliably working System, is infallibility, not mere convenience.

(Sheesh! while jotting this, Firefox has “unexpected quit”, but not good ol’ ever-reliable Tex-Edit. See what I mean? Now had I “unexpectedly” had problems, in an emergency, with a SparseImage — whooaa — all H would have broken loose!) Unfortunately, this has happened to me with a Mac-flakey port of a Windows/Java based application, while transacting business in a financial site.
That ended up costing me more than enough to buy a new Mac Pro. My days of beta-testing new Mac OSes is likewise history. Likewise, trusting stuffit stuff — remember ShrinkWrap. Then, how’bout Norton Utilities 3.0. How many here lost it with that one!?

I came to SuperDuper! for your proven reliability, and got the bonus of Great support.

later… soon as I reboot Firefox.


proofreaders welcome

02-11-2008, 02:20 PM
I'm not sure that you should use any images if you're worried about the image's reliability. Write directly to a drive... and certainly don't write a broken-up image file to a series of DVDs...

02-11-2008, 02:53 PM
I’ve never yet had a problem with regular .dmg files, MacPAR deLuxe, or Split & Concat. For the record, unless I have severe issues within the next couple weeks with upgraded graphics apps which require Tiger, these backups will never be used. There’s no room on my current tiny HDs to store another SandBox — can’t see spending the money for more ATA HDs, considering the forthcoming Mac Pro is all SATA. Then there’ll surely be room.

Frequent lightning storms and power outages here in the SouthEast force me to rely more on DVDs than HDs for storage/backups. A few weeks ago a friend lost his entire system — not to mention a kitchen and bathroom — to lightning. Of course we needn’t feel sorry for him — it was a PC.
What’s more, back in the day, two 9GB Seagate Baracudas went out on me in less than 24 hours. What a mess that was!

Already, at your suggestion via Support, a clone was made to my 250GB firewire — and, by-the-by, it works as a startup — just like to be safe and sure.


02-11-2008, 03:01 PM
And for the record, just to be clear:

The problems mentioned in forums are specific to Sparse Images, not regular read/write disk images.

Further, I have personally never created, used, nor encountered a Sparse Image.

But I KNOW that right now is NOT the time for me to start. Later is the right time.