View Full Version : Two Feature Requests

02-09-2008, 07:05 PM
1. (I requested this quite a while ago; here it is again.) The statistics that SD! displays during a run are not very helpful in determining if your backup image is about to fill up. I would love some kind of display of how much NEW disk space the current run is growing the image by. Currently, when SD! says it's copied X gigabytes, an unknown percentage of those gigabytes are copied OVER older versions of files, leading to no net increase in the amount of disk space consumed. So it's really not very helpful in determining if your sparse image is big enough.

2. This is new, but related to the above. I have learned that sparse images can GROW by themselves, but they can't SHRINK by themselves; you have to use the hdiutil command "compact" to recover space from deleted files. There should be an option for SD! to do this before and/or after a run.

I guess the logical implication is that even when SD! overwrites an older version of a file, it can't reuse the space until a "compact" is run. I would still like it to tell me how much it is ADDING to the (compacted) size of my backup image during a run.