View Full Version : Thank God for SuperDuper!

02-07-2008, 12:29 PM
Hi Dave and the rest of the gang,

All I can say is thank god for SuperDuper! This afternoon I down loaded Quick Time 7.4.1 via Apple's Software Update. What it did I still ain't sure but all my menu bar went haywire. I lost my login name and all the "You Control" data. Firing You Control up it would run for 10 seconds and then quit. Taking with it my menu bar. I had a play around. Reinstalled QT 7.4 (not very sucessfully remnants of 7.4.1.) so in desparation (and 2 hours later) I connected my external drive with my SD backup. Minutes later I was up and running again. After finishing what I was doing. I copied my SD backup over to my internal (and sickly) HD using Smart Update, now all is well and I am up and running back to my old system. What can I say Dave? Just a great big thank you to you and SuperDuper! Remember people, to use it BEFORE you update ANYTHING. No point in having the best cloning/backup software if you don't use it. Be warned.

Cheers Dave (and team),