View Full Version : Does Superduper! use block level cloning and verification?

11-09-2007, 03:20 AM
Like a few others probably, I am temporarily using Carbon Copy Cloner for Leopard volumes. One choice it offers which I have not been aware of before is "block level" or "file level" cloning. Block level is only available under certain limited circumstances, but I have the impression that it is preferable to file level when possible.

Also I notice CCC has a verification phase at the end of the clone.

I have used Superduper! since the beginning without problems, and much prefer the interface, but I am now curious as to whether Superduper! does block level and verification.



11-09-2007, 08:10 AM
We don't do block level copies, and prefer file level, so directory corruption is not copied (and is detected). It's not really "preferable" to file level -- after all, when you use your Mac, you're using it at file level -- it's just "faster" (except when running Smart Update, of course, because you can't really smart update blocks).

We don't do verification because your disk controller does it for you -- and your system is constantly changing, even while you're backing up, so the verification would always fail anyway.

11-11-2007, 01:42 AM
Thanks for the explanation and clarification.

Before Superduper! I used Retrospect for making a bootable copy and as you say the verification produced a stack of errors for things which had changed during the clone. At least CCC only uses verification for a block level clone for which the source and destination have to be unmounted.

Looking forward to new Superduper! but fully support having it right.