View Full Version : Network backup setup using SD and Raid 1 enclosure

The DataDude
11-09-2007, 02:46 AM
I would like to use SD to back up two PowerMac G5s over a wired network. I have purchased a WiebeTech SilverSATA II which is set up for Raid 1 mirroring of two 500gb drives:


My plan is to connect the above to one of the PowerMacs and then to share the drive on the network using personal file sharing. Here are my questions:

1. Any concerns about the setup described above?
2. Since I am backing up two separate machines, would I create two separate partitions on the backup volume and then use them as separate targets for SD's backup images? (I assume I will need to use Sparse Images).
3. Do I need to purchase two licenses for SD?
4. What about the concern that since SD doesn't have any archiving capabilities, if a file becomes corrupted at some point, SD will write over the "good" copy with a "bad" copy.
5. As the size of the backup grows and available backup disk space shrinks, does SD give some kind of warning?
6. What does one do when the size of the backup image exceeds the capacity of the backup drive? -- simply purchase a larger backup drive?



11-09-2007, 08:08 AM
Hi, Eric.

1. No, seems fine.
2. You'll want two separate partitions so you can write one backup directly to the drive, and then use the other one for the image.
3. If both Macs are yours, used primarily by you, no -- but you're welcome to, to support our efforts.
4. Rotate more than one backup.
5. When the disk is full, yes.
6. If your backup drive isn't large enough to support a full copy of both Macs, you need a larger drive so this doesn't happen.