View Full Version : A few SuperDuper! questions

11-08-2007, 05:20 PM
I really like SD and have a few quick questions. Firstly, with non-destructive partition resizing in Leopard, is it in SD's future to do partition resizing before a backup in order to make the backup partition just the right size for the backup, leaving as much space as possible on the other partition(s)?
Secondly, would it be possible to include an option to not display any message when the internet is unavailable and an update check failed? Or have it as a discreet Growl notification? I want to keep that option enabled but I am on dial-up for the next few months and am rarely connected to the internet, but don't like receiving notifications that the version check failed every time I launch SuperDuper!.
Thirdly, when it comes to Smart Update, how smart is it? If I rename a folder, will the files in it need to be re-copied over, even though they haven't changed? I am afraid to do some renaming for this reason.
Finally, sometimes when Smart Updating, the backup fails because of not enough sufficient space. This happens even if my target partition is larger than my source drive. I assume this is because SD copies some things over before it can delete other things, depending on in what order on the drive certain files have been added/changed/deleted. Could SD be changed to recognize this so that I don't need to do an erase and complete re-backup when it occurs?
Please let me know your thoughts and good luck updating SD for Leopard!

11-08-2007, 05:46 PM
No, we're not likely to automatically (& constantly) tweak partition sizes, techno.

I'd really just turn off the update check for now. Subscribe to the blog and I'll always post there when there's an update.

We've got various ideas to improve "close-to-full" disk handling for the future... for now, though, we're focused on making sure our Leopard support is as bulletproof as we can make it.