View Full Version : Log File isn't 100% the same as Result in SuperDuper Summary Window?

11-05-2007, 03:52 AM

I recognised a strange behaviour at a MacBook Pro from one of my clients.

When SuperDuper has finished the "Clone" and all the 3 lines are green it has less files copied (1002478) then evaluated (1014522)!

When I checked the log file I see another result:
| 08:11:24 AM | Info | Evaluated 1242943 items occupying 154.61 GB (229650 directories, 1002836 files, 10457 symlinks)
| 08:11:24 AM | Info | Copied 1242523 items totaling 148.27 GB (229595 directories, 1002478 files, 10450 symlinks)
| 08:11:24 AM | Info | Cloned 148.27 GB of data in 17785 seconds at an effective transfer rate of 8.54 MB/s

Which are the difference files and directories which are missing files
- which 55 directories are ignored?
- where are the missing files which are not evaluated (11'686 files)??

Who can explain the differences (log: 1002836 files evaluated; summary-window 1014522 files evaluated)? Is this only a difference because ignored cache and tempory file?

Both log file and summary are confusing and made me afraid that the clone of clients computer isn't 100% correct?

Gérard Dirks

11-05-2007, 10:45 AM
I think the difference in the main window is simply that the last message passed from the "cloner" to the UI was dropped: nothing to worry about.

As far as the differences go, all ignored files and folders are listed in the scripts, which you can examine. It's all cache and temporary files, or folders in /Volumes (that should not be there, and are typically the result of failed drives).