View Full Version : Clone from HDD to DMG on external drive fails

04-22-2005, 02:38 PM
I've tried this multiple times (at 2 hours a pop) and it fails each time. Source disk is 25GB full, destination is 160gb firewire drive with 85gb free.

|12:55:46 PM|Info| Scanned 232418 items occupying 24.51 GB (36375 directories, 189177 files, 6866 symlinks)
|12:55:46 PM|Info| Copied 232329 items totaling 24.01 GB (36360 directories, 189105 files, 6864 symlinks)
|12:55:46 PM|Info| Cloned 24.01 GB of data in 7911 seconds at an effective transfer rate of 3.11 MB/s
|12:55:46 PM|Info| PHASE: Conclude Target Setup
|12:55:46 PM|Info| ...ACTION: Finalizing "pbook_10.3.9+apps+Users_042205_SuperDuper.dmg" session
|12:55:46 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Unmounting /Volumes/Storage/backup/images/pbook_10.3.9+apps+Users_042205_SuperDuper.dmg from /tmp/SVUmount
|12:55:53 PM|Info| "disk2" unmounted.
|12:55:53 PM|Info| "disk2" ejected.
|12:55:53 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Converting /Volumes/Storage/backup/images/pbook_10.3.9+apps+Users_042205_SuperDuper.dmg to UDRO format
|12:55:54 PM|Error| hdiutil: convert failed - image/device is too large

Any ideas? I'd like to be able to use the image created with ASR, hence using a DMG.

Also, I've tried disabling compression and get the same error. This error also happens with Carbon Copy Cloner. Just wondering if you had a suggestion on howto back things up in order to have a bootable restore image. I'm beginning to prepare for the Tiger upgrade!


04-22-2005, 02:54 PM
Yeah, this is a new bug in OSX 10.3.9, and unfortunately there's little we can do about it at this end. But, you can use an alternate technique instead -- try the following:


That'll still be bootable once restored, and it'll go much faster than a DMG backup, too.

Hope that helps!

04-22-2005, 03:33 PM
I had just created a sparse image and was going to try this. So, if for some reason I need to reinstall this backup image, this is what I would do:

1) boot off an OS X cd
2) Load disk utility
3) mount sparse image off firewire drive via disk utility (can't figure out how to do this from a boot CD)
4) perform restore (can't do this unless I can get the sparse image mounted, because it won't let me select it from navigating to it on the image on the firewire drive).

Maybe this process is documented better somewhere else, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks again for the quick response! I guess apple doesn't want anyone to clone their drives before the big upgrade ;)


04-22-2005, 03:39 PM
Yep: that's basically described in Section 5 of the User's Guide!