View Full Version : Network backup solution

09-18-2007, 12:05 AM
Hi, just thought I'd share my solution for automated backup over a home network using SuperDuper - it might save someone a bit of work.

I use SuperDuper! in conjunction with a freeware pref pane called Do Something When (http://www.azarhi.com/Projects/DSW/index.php) which allows you to specify a launch/quit/mount/unmount when an app launches/quits or volume mounts/unmounts. This ensures that various applications quit when SD launches to do a scheduled backup, making sure that no resources are being accessed at the time. The network volume is then mounted and the backup goes ahead. Once finished, SD quits and the apps are relaunched. This keeps the wife happy as EyeTV is always running when she wants it!

There were a couple of teething issues though:

1) SD actually has a process registered as "SuperDuper" not "SuperDuper!" This means that you have to rename the app "SuperDuper" to get DSW to work properly.

2) SD and DSW are unreliable at unmounting network volumes. I have no idea why. However, I didn't want my network drive mounted on all my machines at once. I got around this by making an automator script application that unmounts the network volume. DSW launches this app when SD quits.

Hope this is helpful for someone! Please let me know if you have a different solution or think I could improve on this setup.