View Full Version : I did RTFM, but still have a question about aliases..

09-14-2007, 12:09 AM

I have a Mac Pro, and I added a new HD that will be my boot volume. Eventually I want to move the original drive to an external enclosure and use that just for backups.

I want it so that when I click the dock items, it launches apps from the new drive. So going by a previous thread, what I did was boot from the original drive, then rename the new one to "Macintosh HD" then set the new drive as the startup disk, and boot into that.

Everything appears to be working great so my questions are:

1) I now have two hard drives named Macintosh HD. Is this bad in any way? I'm used to drives known as C:, D:, etc. so OS X's quirks are a little new to me :-)

2) I'm going to buy Super Duper for the Smart Backup feature...when I put the old drive in the enclosure, will Smart Backup just update what's neccessary? (keep in mind the old drive which I'm going to put in there is what I used to make the clone) In other words...will I have to erase the old drive, create a brand new backup, and then Smart Backup works on that?

Don't know if that last paragraph made sense.


09-14-2007, 07:32 AM
No, having two drives named "Macintosh HD" won't hurt, but you don't really have to keep them that way -- just if you're going to start up from the drive.

Smart Update will work just fine over what you already have.