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04-10-2005, 12:33 AM
I am brand new to Super Duper! I've been using Carbon Copy Cloner and Retrospect Desktop under OS X 10.3.8. on my Aluminum Powerbook G4, 1.33 MHz.
I'm wondering how to handle Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0.1/Windows XP Professional with Super Duper! There should be no problem backing up the Virtual PC application, but my Windows XP Professional disk image is about 10 GB and it changes every time it is run. So, one doesn't want to make incremental backups of a singe 10 GB file that constantly changes. I keep the folder with this disk image at the top file level (same level as Applications folder), instead of in the User Folder or Applications folder, so I can easily exclude it from backups under Retrospect (difficult learning curve). It isn't an issue with Carbon Copy Cloner, since it isn't used for incremental backups.
As a new user of Super Duper!, I really don't know the correct questions to ask.
Could someone please advise me how to use Super Duper! with Windows XP Professional disk image (for Virtual PC)? It will take me a few days to read the entire Super Duper! pdf manual, but a Find doesn't reveal that Virtual PC is mentioned.
THANKS! :confused:

04-10-2005, 01:49 AM
I assume you want to exclude it? To do so, you'd create a small copy script, enter an appropriate description, include the "Backup - all files" script in the 2nd tab, and then choose the drive package in the lists on the 3rd.

Add that selection, make sure the command is 'ignore', and save with an appropriate name.

That will then ignore the disk image for virtual PC.

However, considering how important the data in that image is, I'm not sure I *would* ignore it. Instead, I'd suggest turning on undoable drives. This will keep the changes to the main 'disk image' separate from the data, all inside the package, and will back up more quickly. At least then, should something happen, you wouldn't lose 10GB of important stuff...