View Full Version : Loading saved scripts when destination drive not mounted yet

07-14-2007, 11:46 AM

It's kind of inconvenient that when a saved or previously used script is manually loaded/opened, but the destination drive isn't mounted at the moment, SuperDuper leaves the destination value as empty/null in the main window. If I try to manually run SuperDuper, it won't try to mount the missing destination drive (even though it can do this when scheduled to run on its own.) If I then manually mount the destination drive, the destination value isn't updated, but remains blank.

What would be awesome in this case is if the destination value was loaded as the destination drive's name just greyed out or something. Users could then either manually mount the missing destination drive, which SuperDuper would "notice," or tell SuperDuper to run and have it try to mount the drive.

PS - SuperDuper is excellent overall!