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07-11-2007, 08:21 PM
Copy applications, sharing non-Apple.dset

Okay, I clearly understand, that SuperDuper can't make so many assumptions/exceptions, and thus can expect its Users to have certain stuff at a certain place, but a bit of flexibility and fault tolerance would be fine.

Exceptions you might consider:

People install 3rd party apps to /Applications/Utilities/
Your current rule/regex considers all files inside /Applications/Utilities/ as original Apple Applications, which must not necessarily be true. I.e. very likely that Retrospect or Superduper might get into /Applications/Utilities/ , because those apps are likely considered as utilities and thus placed there.

People might move some original Apple Applications they consider as utilities from /Applications/ to /Applications/Utilities/
Examples: Automator, Skripteditor,...

People might flatten their /Applications/ directory hierarchy and thus move /Applications/Utilities/* to /Applications/ and erase /Applications/Utilities/

People create hierarchical structures through subdirectories within /Applications/
Examples: /Applications/Sound /Applications/Videos /Applications/Office ...

People place Applications somwehere else, and possibly create subdirectories within.

How these exceptions should be treated:

is likely, please consider!

Seldom, but could easily be realised as the name of all original Apple Applications is known to you, and thus the wildcard could be written /Applications/*AppName.app If not realised, please at least mention how the volume directory structure is expected to be for a hassle free operation in the manual.

See 2

Is a lot of work, and almost impossible if you have "container folders" around file.app

This behaviour is already so much against the standard convention, that it can be ignored while keeping a good conscience.

07-11-2007, 08:22 PM
It's really unlikely we'll change this. The worst that happens is that we copy a few extra applications to a Sandbox volume...