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06-28-2007, 09:22 AM
Hi Dave

I'm from the "Backups for dummies" sector of the population so please excuse my simple question.

I would like to start using SuperDuper to make a full system clone of my powerbook - I think this means data, applications and the whole nine yards. I will get around to buying an external firewire hardrive eventually but I would also like to implement an online storage solution for my system clone. Do you recommend any particular online storage solutions for use/compatibility with SuperDuper. At this stage I'm less concerned with cost than I am with ease of use.

I realise you may wish to remain impartial on the subject in which case perhaps you could suggest several of the most popular solutions available in your opinion?

Regards and thanks.


ps. emailed this to your support address before I realised this was the more appropriate route for my question - apologies!!

06-28-2007, 10:39 AM
Already replied to the support email, but the general response is I don't think any of the online solutions are going to work acceptably with SD -- they're too slow.