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05-30-2007, 07:14 PM
Hello! First time poster and relatively new to SD, so be gentle.

I would like to use SuperDuper! as the primary backup utility at my company, as we recently started adding OS X computers to our infrastructure.

Firstly, I am most impressed that I can create an image of a macbooks boot drive, with SD running from the boot drive. I don't understand it, but I like it =)

Secondly; If our macbooks should die, I obviously would want the ability to boot off of another device, run SD, and restore my backup DMG file to the macbook.

What is the 'best practice' way to do this? Have another mac sitting around?

I have a number of tools available to me, such as Drive Genius and Data Rescue II, both of which are bootable CDs, but I do not have access to SuperDuper when using them.

There is an application called DasBoot, that allows me to make an external hard drive bootable and add applications to it; which is great. I can boot onto my drive, and have DriveGenius, DataRescue, Terminal, Disk Utility, etc all available to me, and and its much faster than CDs. I can add SuperDuper! to this drive also, but whenever I try to run it, the computer freezes.

If my mac dies; what is the best way to put an SD created image back onto it?


05-30-2007, 10:22 PM
Actually, this is covered in some detail in "Recovering from a disaster" in the User's Guide: you basically can use the OSX install DVD... you could also make a DasBoot disc, if you'd like.