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02-11-2005, 04:37 PM
Thanks for this great software!
I tried SuperDuper! yesterday and am very impressed. Even easily found the extra helpful info on the FAQ about ignore * & .* too.
I have been using Synchronize Pro for a while now and am now feed up with it! I have recently had major problems backing up files to my iPod, software crashes & transfer speeds going from ~15MB/s to 0.2MB/s.
SuperDuper! is not showing signs of the issues the other did.

Just a couple of curious questions though...
1) After a backup of files to the iPod using SuperDuper! I notice its icon changes to a standard white removable drive icon rather than keeping the iPod icon.
2) I realise this maybe nothing to do with SuperDuper!, however any thoughts would be appreciated. I did a benchmark test on my iPod HD (3G 20GB) after a factory restore & got ~19MB/s for 2-10MB file transfers, then after a backup of files using SuperDuper! I did another benchmark test and it was down to ~10MB/s. Not as bad as Synchronize Pro but still a reduction.

Thanks again.

02-11-2005, 07:26 PM
Glad you're impressed, zwarbo. We try!

Regarding your questions:

- The icon changes because it's stored in a file on the source drive, and that file gets copied along with the rest of the contents of the drive. At present, at least, this is normal behavior.

We plan, eventually, to handle this with a 'preserve' command in the script (or something similar).

Until then, you can cobble together a small shell script that copies an icon over to the drive based on its volume name, which will be passed to your script (a shell script, set in options -- see the User's Guide for a bit more info). Have an icon file in there named the same as the volume, and then copy that to the destination... done!

- Well, that's much more difficult. My guess is that the drive eventually gets fragmented, and the iPod isn't loaded up with the fastest disk subsystem in the world...