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02-05-2007, 10:14 PM
Thus may not be a SuperDuper! problem but, if it isn't, somebody here may be able to suggest something anyway.

I am using a G4 Dual 867 MDD.

I made a full copy of my old 60G startup drive with 10.4.8 on it to an 80G partition on my recently-acquired 300G Western Digital drive. Everything seemed to go OK, including making the drive bootable (according to SuperDuper!). The drive (all 3 partitions) is totally readable and writable with no problems. When I boot from another startup disk with 10.4.6, its Startup Disk panel lets me choose the new copy of 10.4.8 as my startup volume.

However, when I try to boot from this new volume, connected to either the built-in ATA-66 bus or an ATT-133 bus on my Sonnet Tempo card, the computer freezes immediately when the white screen with the apple should show up, showing a white screen with a slased circle instead. (Sometimes, depending on factors I'm not sure about, it just boots from the 10.4.6 volume instead!)

I also tried unsucessfully to boot from 9.2.2 on the new volume. The fact that this failed convinced me that it wasn't a problem with the system but something else on the disk, so I examined all 5 of my connected disks with both pdisk and Disk Utility 10.5.5. With pdisk, I got the message, pdisk: No valid block 1 on '/dev/rdisk1' for only that one disk, which I could confirm (via Disk Utility) was the Western Digital disk. Also via Disk Utility, I found out that this one disk has no OS 9 drivers. (I think I chose that deliberately, if unwisely, when I formatted the WD drive.)

Since I didn't use pdisk to examine the Western Digital disk in the month or two I had the disk before making the backup, I have no way of knowing if the missing block 1 was missing before I made the backup. Anyway, I'd like to find out if there's any way to correct the problem now, other than finding another disk or volume that I can clone to!

02-05-2007, 10:30 PM
What I'd try, right off the bat, is s simple install of OSX to the WD drive. Then, try to start up from it.

02-06-2007, 03:37 AM
What I'd try, right off the bat, is s simple install of OSX to the WD drive. Then, try to start up from it.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Presuming I can find my Tiger install DVD or a hopefully bootable backup [which, if you saw my apartment, you would consider improbable :( ], can I install 10.4.x, where x < 8, over 10.4.8?

However I reinstall Tiger, would this installation solve the problem of the missing block 1, which I presume is what might be called the boot block? Is it possible to alter or replace that block manually or using some utility (while operating as root from another boot disk, of course)?

02-06-2007, 09:40 AM
I'm really not sure why it's whining about the boot block, aaron. If the drive was blessed, and is properly partitioned, it should be just fine.

I'm actually not suggesting that you install 10.4.x over your copy. I'm suggesting wiping out the copy and doing a clean install on the drive to see if it boots...