View Full Version : What if NAS Drive is Source?

01-21-2007, 11:37 AM
I got the Buffalo Link Station to keep all my iTunes music, iPhoto images and work docs so my wirelessly connected TiBook can access said files whether the main G4 is on or not.

Any way to make SD see the network drive as the source and back the files up to internal or FireWire drives connected to the G4 tower?


Shameless Endorsement: The Buffalo Link Station is, in my layperson opinion, a great Network Attached Storage drive for the MacOS. I tried the MaPower USB LanDisk (trying to go cheap), I couldn't set it through the browser tools, like the manual said I could, didn't get an answer to my email to the manufacturer. So I took it to a friend office plugged it into their network and was able to access, format and set it up from his PC. Then was able to access, format and set up with the browser tools from his Mac but was never able to mount it. Probably some protocol I didn't have turned on or something, I like Drawing not Networking. I took it back home but still was never able to use the web tools or see it on my network.

With the Buffalo LS, I 1-Plugged in the power and ethernent. 2-Turned it on. 3-Ran the supplied OS X software from the CD (less than a minute) 4-Changed some setting through the browser tools. 5-Started using it.

01-21-2007, 08:27 PM
Sorry, no -- we can't use a network volume as a source.

(The buffalo is a decent unit, but it's rather slow and uses outdated AFP, so be aware!)