View Full Version : Smart backup - Drive spins but not much happening

Chris CA
01-13-2007, 04:21 AM
I have a complete backup (using Smart Update) minus my EyeTV folder.
I have already done a full backup & this runs twice a week.

Currently, it is showing;
"Copying files from Macintosh HD to Backup using Smart Update.
405,599 of 474,324 files evaluated, 7543 files copied. Effective copy speed 34.36 Iambs.
97.57 GB evaluated, 86.15 GB already up to date, 2.42 GB copied."
It's been sitting at this for the last hour.

The external HD is spinning and the transfer light is flashing.

The last entry in the log is;
| 12:12:30 AM | Info | /Library

It is now 1:19 AM

Shouldn't the file counts at least be increasing?

I've seen it do this one other time.


01-13-2007, 10:17 AM
OK, to see what's going on, open the Terminal application and then copy the following to the clipboard:

sudo lsof | grep SDCopy

Paste that into Terminal. Press Return at the end of the line, then enter your password (it won't echo) and press Return.

That'll print a list of what we're copying at the time -- the last two lines are what we're reading and writing.