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11-16-2006, 07:21 AM
You've heard it all before but it's worth repeating.

After reading so many glowing reviews of SD I decided to use it to back up my iMac 20" Core Duo to an external LaCie 500Gb via firewire.

The first thing that happend is the LaCie icon changed to the generic firewire icon which I do not want. After spending the last hour reading through threads and stickies I am still none the wiser.

I do not want to install the developer tools.
I do not want to run scripts.
I do not want to create a folder of Volume Icons.
I do not want to change permissions on files from the command line
( I've never had to do this ever in 4 years of using Mac OSX )

I do want someone to tell me precisely how I change my drive icon back to the LaCie icon. (I have two of these drives BTW so if I can copy/paste the correct icon file over the incorrect icon then please tell me how)

Secondly, after waiting for 4 hours to copy 206GB to my backup drive, SD just hung. Completely hung my machine, I had to switch it off. This is also something which has never happened since I got the iMac in January.

" SuperDuper! remains a Universal Application, and works beautifully on Intel and Power PC based Macs "

Er no it doesn't ! I see the Admin says this isn't their fault it's a bug with Apple. Well it would have been nice to know that before I used the software!

As you might be able to tell I'm not a happy camper.


11-16-2006, 11:47 AM
Hello, Kudos.

If you'd like to re-apply the icon by hand, do a Get Info on the other drive. Click the icon with the mouse (it'll highlight) and press Cmd+c. Then, do a Get Info on the drive whose icon you'd like to change, click the icon and press Cmd+v.

As far as the machine hanging goes: we cannot hang your Mac -- we don't run at a low level. What likely happened was a drive failure, either on the source or destination drive. What model of LaCie were you using, and was anything else on FireWire with the drive?

Your particular issue is not Intel-specific. SuperDuper! does work beautifully with Intel Macs. There is a bug in 10.4.8 that affects SuperDuper! and other applications in some situations. Not all users are affected, and -- as is the case with any bug in OSX, we need to wait until Apple fixes the problem.

After all, there's a reason that OSX gets updated with "point releases" -- it has bugs, which get fixed when Apple decides they should be fixed. All we can do at our end is report the bug to Apple and try to work around the problem.

I realize that this is frustrating, but alas there's little we can do apart from that.