View Full Version : Cross Architecture Restore (PPC -> Intel)

11-12-2006, 01:13 PM
Hi there

A theoretical question for now, but knowing the answer would put my mind at rest.

Currently I back up my PPC Powerbook to a SparseImage on a USB2 Drive. Which I can then use to restore from using the Boot from OS x disc and use Disk Utility to mount and restore.

However, I assume this restores *everything* including the OS/drivers/etc.

Therefore seeing as PPC Laptops are no-longer available, what would happen if say my Powerbook was stolen, then insurance replaced it with a nice new MacBook Pro. Would I still be able to use the SuperDuper SparseImage to restore all my files/OS?

Or because it's a PPC install of OSx on the backup would it come to barf the next time I tried to boot?



11-12-2006, 01:17 PM
Assuming you'd want to restore the whole thing, you'd need to restore the image to a FireWire drive and then use the Migration Assistant to "restore" it to the new, different-architecture Mac.