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10-20-2006, 01:54 PM
So I've been running a smartupdate from my "Data HD" to a firewire drive called "Data HD_Clone". This has been running succesfully every day at 12:30 PM.

Today, I decide I want to do a Erase and Copy. Everything starts out fine, then 85% into the copy SD crashes. Okay, so I reboot and try again, but when I launch SD, it thinks the name of "Data HD_Clone" is "Data HD_Clone 1". And it fails to start a copy to that drive, apparently it's confused or something.

Disk utility is not confused, nor is Tech Tool Pro, nor any other drive utility I use to reformat or repartition. My desktop name comes up with just Data HD_Clone and the get info shows Data HD_Clone.

Even uninstalling and reinstalling SD it comes up and wants to put a freaking "1" behind the name every single time. Therein is the problem I believe, it says it is starting the copy process but just sits a ZERO for an hour and never actually copies anything.

So what's up with that? how can I UNCONFUSE SD.

By the way, I can do a full erase and copy from my Macintosh HD to another Fireware drive just fine. And I am on 10.4.8.

Thank you,

10-20-2006, 05:27 PM
James -- not sure why you're taking such a hostile tone out of the gate: feel free to be hostile if the answer I provide is somehow flippant or rude, but not before, eh?

Anyway, the 'freaking 1' is because you have more than one volume with the drive name. It's likely because your drive failed at some point and "fell off the bus". This caused the mount point to get converted to a folder with the same name as the drive.

To differentiate between the folder and the volume, the system adds a "1" to the end. To help you recognize this has happened, we show it to you.

To clear it up, use the "Go To Folder" command in Finder to open the /Volumes folder. Once there, you'll see the folder with the name "Data HD_Clone", and you'll also see the drive with the "1" after it. Delete the folder, then restart your Mac, and all should be well.

10-20-2006, 06:10 PM

Thank you! That worked!!!

Sorry about the attitude!!!