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07-01-2006, 06:44 PM

I just purchased SD, and I tested it out a bit.
My goal, really, is to just keep my home directory backed up
to a firewire drive.
In my first test, I created a backup plan that just copied
a small directory (just a few dozen, small files) to
a mounted disk image.
The backup plan read:
(ignore) *
(ignore) .*
(copy) Users/me/junk

[As an aside, is there any way to create entries (ignore) * and (ingore) .* ?
The only way I could do that was by modifying a built-in plan
which alreadu had these entries.]

Anyway, when I went to do a backup, I watched in amazement
as it scanned *all* the files in my hard drive to find the
ones I wanted backed up. It took over 5 minutes (on an iBook G4).
Just using Finder to copy my whole home directory takes about 15 minutes,
so this won't give me the speed-up I really wanted.

Is there some option or setting I'm missing, or is this
the way SD is supposed to work?
I realize, SD seems designed mainly to backup whole volumes,
and so it may not be optimized for "small" backups.

07-02-2006, 02:32 AM
Indeed, we're primarily designed to back up entire volumes. At present, we always scan the whole drive each time...