View Full Version : Trouble with backup on ext USB HD

06-29-2006, 08:19 AM
hi there,

first i would like to say that the Superduper program works like a charm, as far as i could use it though.
my problem is that i bought this external hd with only USB conncetion to it. when i backed up my complete hd from my mac onto the ext HD i erased my imac and gave it a fresh install. now my imac has been sold and i've for this powerbook G4 now. so now i want to copy the backup files onto my PB again. but the problem is, my ext USB HD isnt bootable.
i already tried using a bootable cd-rom using BootCD, but as far as i could make out SD does not work on a bootable CD (also read some info on this in this forum).
So now i would like to ask you people if you guys know of any sollution for me to solve this all.

some technical background:
i've got a Powerbook G4 with OS Panther installed.
The ext. HD is a LaCie Porsche 250 GB.
i dont have any other computer to use as a 'connector' between the two.

06-29-2006, 09:47 AM
Hi, soulcreeper. See the "Recovering from a disaster" section of the User's Guide. The thing to do is to use Disk Utility from your BootCD or from the original Tiger/Panther install disc.

Once you're using that, you'll be able to restore the drive.

Hope that helps!