View Full Version : Can't Quit SuperDuper

Gordon Werner
05-18-2006, 03:21 PM
Every so often, when SuperDuper finishes backing up my hard drive, it prevents me from quitting the application.

The close window button (red dot) has a black dot in it (which usually means the window needs some sort of attention) and Quit does not work in the menu.

Sometimes this is resolved by running the backup again ... but usually I am forced to Force-Quit SuperDuper.

It has never failed in backing up my data correctly ... t just seems that it doesn't want to shut down sometimes.

Any ideas?



05-18-2006, 03:26 PM
I assume this happens when you have a scheduled backup, but the destination isn't present?

If so, the problem is that SuperDuper! is in a "no user interaction" mode due to the schedule, but when you changed the drive selection, the settings were changed. When you try to quit, we know we need to prompt you to save the settings, but we can't because we're not allowed to do so.

To work around this problem, save (Cmd-s) before you try to quit. That should take care of it.

Note, too, that our new mount/unmount feature should prevent this from happening as often to you.

Let me know if that helps!