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04-06-2006, 08:30 AM

Just bought your program. Seems like a great backup app!

Now, my question is:

I'm using an iMac Intel 20".

I have 2 partitions on my internal drive and just found out that in order to try Apple's new app Boot Camp (for installing Win XP) my internal drive needs to be formatted with 1 partition.

I have chosen a Full Backup of my system partition as a Read/Write SparseImage file and backed it up to a Network Volume. A USB harddisk attached to my server.

- Can I reboot with my Tiger DVD, repartition as 1 partition and then select the sparseimage on my network drive with Disk Utility to restore?

Or is there another way of doing this?

PS. I don't own a Firewire disk. Only USB disks.

Thank you :)

04-06-2006, 11:15 AM
We have recently confirmed that the System DVDs shipped with the Intel Macs (both MacBook and iMac models) have a broken Disk Utility on them. This copy of Disk Utility has a restore tab that isn't functional: you can't drag any volumes into either the source or destination boxes!

So, until Apple provides replacement discs (or some kind of fix), you'll have to have a copy of OSX you can boot from that has a working Disk Utility. The OS version that comes with your iMac does have a Disk Utility that works, so a basic OSX install to a small partition on a regular hard drive will work.

(On Intel Macs, the hard drive can be a USB drive, so if you have an Intel OSX install on a partition on that server hard disk, that'll work fine, you'll just have to bring the drive to the Mac if you want to do a full emergency restore.)