Way back when, not so long ago, we transitioned the main SuperDuper! application to 64-bit. As I said then, we were 95% 64-bit, and 5% 32-bit.

Today, we're releasing SuperDuper! 3.13, which—after extensive testing—moves the copy engine to 64-bit as well. macOS 10.13.4 is going to start giving obnoxious warnings about 32-bit app usage, so we figured this was a good time to release the update, even without any significant user-facing feature changes.

I'd love to use this blog post to tell you that, because we're now 64-bit, we're 200% faster, but, well, no. Internal testing shows no significant gains or losses from being 64-bit. In fact, we have to do additional work packing and unpacking some file system structures, which are laid out (for legacy reasons) for 32-bit apps.

Of course, we fixed a bunch of other things, too. One specific change was to improve handling of source drives with bad recovery volumes.

We're not sure how people's drives get like this, but sometimes there will be a number of "Untitled" 650MB volumes on their drives. Disk Utility will indicate one of them is the Recovery volume, but when we try to mount and copy from it, we get an error, because the drive is bogus and can't be mounted.

Previously, we would stop and give an error. Now, we log the problem and generate a warning that explains how to resolve the problem. (Basically, you need to reinstall the OS, which refreshes the OS under your existing applications and data, and recreates/fixes Recovery.)

While we were at it, we fixed a few things in the last 10.9 compatible version (3.1.1), back ported some other fixes we made in 3.1.2, and updated it. Unfortunately, since it already had a version number, I just updated the binary. Bad form, I know, since there are now two 3.1.1s out there. But if you're using Mavericks, and can't create schedules with your existing 3.1.1, download 3.1.1 again and reinstall.

So yeah, we're older and we're losing our hair, but you really do still need us. Update inside the app, or download away!

SuperDuper! 3.1.3