A few days ago, we were happy to get a workaround for the bug mentioned in a previous post, so we went about implementing and testing—and things were working quite well.

Unfortunately, we've found a case where the workaround doesn't, um, work. I think I have a way of dealing with it, and so we're going to implement Workaround Part IV: The Reworkening and run it through the wringer.


These tests are really time consuming, as you might guess: it can take eight hours to rebuild a complex-case volume (so I try to keep one building while another is testing), and then more hours to run the test. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to have a set of simple tests work and then find that the thing we found rearing its ugly head again in another (more complex) scenario that can (and did) happen in "real life".

This is why we don't just implement a fix and release, of course: we want to ensure it works before we toss it out there, and so we smoke test, test internally and then—if internal tests are OK—test externally, every time. We always are hoping for green lights at every stage. Sometimes, 99% of the way there, you get red. Then, the failure needs to be investigated, understood, reproduced...

Anyway, we'll leave that between me and my ulcer. If my new idea works, this will hopefully only delay things a few days, which will be plenty of time to fill the comments with complaints of our laziness, incompetence, lack of communication and general suckitude. Have at it!

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