It’s been difficult, these last few months, to find the time necessary to work on netTunes and launchTunes while working on/supporting SuperDuper! and navigating the waters of decline with Ketzl.

netTunes was pretty much done back in April, save for some online store issues—I want to support PayPal, and that means moving to the new “Embedded Web Store” (which is also required for Universal apps). Doing that involves doing some new graphics/layout for the custom pages.

launchTunes, though, was harder—ironic, since it’s a much simpler program. The big problem was that launchTunes hadn’t yet been converted to a drag-and-drop install, and I’d done some work extending its capabilities that hadn’t been completed.

Plus, I’d learned more about Cocoa in the few years since its original release (it’s never been updated)… so, it was time to throw out the old and rewrite the whole thing. Which, given the time constraints, took longer in calendar time than anticipated.

I’m happy to say that I managed to finish up the main launchTunes application, with its auto-install capabilities, while flying back from Chicago the other day. Everything tested out great, so now I’m working on the two apps’ graphics and online store stuff.

Once that’s done, the Universal versions of netTunes and launchTunes will finally get into your hands. Sorry it’s taken so long!