The original plan was to bury Ketzl in the front yard, under her favorite bush.

I had wanted to do that pretty badly, and pretty irrationally—it was a purely emotional thing, without considering the practical matters: soil depth, future dogs digging in the same locations, garden destruction, coyotes. Not thinking, just feeling, wanting her there with us.

It might have worked with a small dog, but Ketzl was not—neither small in body nor spirit.

So convinced, first ice, then fire.

Delivered today via UPS: the remains of her private cremation. Signature required. Bubble wrapped wood box; small, gold lock; certificate; condolence card.

Two pounds of ash and wood to bury in her favorite spot, and feed her favorite bush: the same bush Taiko found on his own his first day here. Of all the choices available, his favorite spot.

Dog’s choice: I know it’s a good one, the one she would have made for herself.

And there you will be placed, Ketzl. Rest in peace, girl.